What Are Web Traffic Conversion Rates?

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Web traffic conversion rates are vital to the success of your online business. You’ll learn what web traffic conversion rates are and how to improve them.

Your web traffic conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that perform a desired action (convert) after arriving on your homepage or a landing page.

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The conversion action can be one or more of the following:

  • Purchasing a product
  • Sharing a link
  • Watching a video
  • Downloading a brochure, an app, eBook etc
  • Signing up for a subscription
  • Calling or contacting your business
  • Upgrading their service

Why Does My Conversion Rate Matter?

Your conversion rate is a measurable return on investment. It tells you the effectiveness of your strategies and related marketing costs such as paid ads, SEO and buying web traffic.

By analysing your conversion rates, you can then evaluate which investments turn into profits or conversions so you can develop more cost-effective action plans.

How Do I Calculate My Web Traffic Conversion Rate?

Most web traffic analytic tools calculate and display overall conversion rates for you. However, analytic tools don’t usually recognize actions such as downloads or video views, so you have to program the apps to recognize those actions as conversions.

Here’s how you can calculate your overall web traffic conversion rate:

  • Designate a time frame for the calculation (a week, a month, 1 year)
  • Count the total number of visitors to your site during that time
  • Divide the number of conversions in that time frame by the total number of visitors
  • Multiply that number by 100

Example of Overall Conversion Rate for an Online Store

If your e-commerce site had 10,000 visitors in October, and 2,000 of those visitors ‘converted’ by purchasing a product, your conversion rate is 20%.

Overall conversion rate equation

However, conversion rates are usually more specific than the above example, requiring more detailed analysis of web traffic data. Here are some other kinds of performance-related conversion rate scenarios:   

Marketing Channel Conversion Rate

This is web traffic converting from advertising campaigns. If you have a variety of ads on third-party sites, identify which ad types and slogans result in higher conversion rates.

Page Specific Conversion Rate

Ideally, your landing pages are the main entry points for your web traffic. But are visitors converting after arriving on these or other pages? Use conversion statistics to consider any adjustments needed to persuade visitors to click through content and convert.

SEO & Keyword Conversion Rate

Analyse and compare popular keywords and keyword combinations used by visitors that convert and decide which keywords are worth further investment and which should be dropped.

What’s a Good Benchmark Conversion Rate?

If only 100 people visit your website and most of them convert, then your conversion rate skyrockets. But get 5,000 more visitors that don’t convert and your conversion rate plummets.

On the whole, conversion rates are usually based on tens of thousands of visitors, resulting in conversion rates averaging from under 1% to just over 5%.

Achieving such high numbers of visitors organically with SEO is an expensive and time-consuming challenge. Buying trusted web traffic management plans will compliment your SEO program to help rapidly boost visitor numbers.    

Average conversion or CTR rates vary by industry and the device visitors use. Here are figures for conversion rates calculated from Google keyword searches and ad campaigns compiled by Wordstream.

CTR Comparison Chart

How Do I Improve My Conversion Rate?

Your conversion rate depends on two significant factors: Your website’s content and the quality of your web traffic.

  • Quality Content & Convenience
  • Quality Web Traffic
    • Only human visitors with genuine interest in your products or services will spend time on your website and click though your content. Bots and members of web traffic exchange networks are low-quality traffic. They will not click through content or convert.

Buy Quality Web Traffic For Better Conversion Rates

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